Tools - Vowel-Heavy Words

One of the most frustrating things in Words With Friends® is to a draw a rack full of vowels. But, all might not be lost. It is useful to be well-versed in words which are vowel-heavy.

Enter as many words as you can which contain at least five letters, and no more than one vowel.

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Scoring System

  • Gain 3 points for a correct guess.
  • Lose 1 point for an incorrect guess.
  • Lose 1 point, at the end, for every word not guessed.

We will calculate your final score, and % of possible points scored, when you click "Show All".

The words in our dictionary are meant to match, as closely as possible, the words used in Words With Friends®. We have no affiliation with Words With Friends, and offer this site for entertainment purposes only.