Learning Tools

Playing actual games is an essential part of becoming a good Words With Friends® player. On top of that, however, we have a few training tools that should help with different aspects of your game. Our full list is below.

  • Find All Words
    Try to find every valid word from a set of 3-7 letters. See which words you missed at the end. You can decide how many letters to use, along with other options.
  • Is This a Word?
    Given a potential word, you must guess whether it is valid or not. This is a good way to expose yourself to many new words in a short period of time.
  • Words by Length and Stem
    Given a word length and a specific stem, find as many valid words as you can. Examples are to find all 5-letter words that begin with CAR, or all 7-letter words that end with ERS.
  • 7-Letter Words
    Knowing the best stems for 7-letter words is an important part of the game. In this tool, we provide you with six letters and one blank tile. Make as many 7-letter words as you can.
  • Vowel-Heavy Words
    Getting stuck with a rack full of vowels can kill your game. Use this tool to learn a number of vowel-heavy words, like ADIEU or EERIE, which can get you out of a jam.
  • 2-Letter Words
    It's not practical for most people to memorize a significant part of the Words With Friends® dictionary. However, learning the valid 2-letter words is essential. This tool helps with that process.
  • O'Laughlin Words
    O'Laughlin playability measures how distinct a word is from words with similar letters. It is very helpful to memorize words (such as QAT, FAQIR, ZOUAVE...) that have a high score in this regard.

Besides the tools available on our site, there are numerous external resources, many of them free, which can help you improve at games like Words With Friends® and Scrabble®.

The words in our dictionary are meant to match, as closely as possible, the words used in Words With Friends®. We have no affiliation with Words With Friends, and offer this site for entertainment purposes only.